Friday, December 5, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Early Halloween Photos

Avery is going to be a fish for her first Halloween.
She tried to eat the candy.
Trying to take it off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Another Picture With A Little (or lot of) Text

A sentimental post. Well, Avery is almost nine months and she is becoming quite the handful. Crawling really well, pulling up on everything, and trying to stand. Today, I picked her up at daycare and after she saw me until we got in the car she was more excited and happy than I have ever seen her. She just looked at me the whole time and laughed loudly and bounced up and down. Its a really good feeling knowing that you mean that much to somebody. With all her growing up, she is becoming a lot more fun than the fragile little infant that she used to be (even though I do miss that stage) and I am becoming her number one playmate.

I bought her Christmas present today. Its a Live Elmo doll and its not quite as cool as I thought it would be. When it moves it makes a loud robot sound that I find a little scary. But, still, its pretty cool. You can see a video of it here: YouTube - Elmo Live — New Elmo Robotic Toy, NY Toy Fair. The "mad scientist" helper was a tad bit creepy, wasn't he? 

This past weekend Utility Al, Utility Katie, Mother Allison and me almost got trampled leaving the Mississippi State Fair. Well, not really ALMOST but it was scary at first but it mainly made me mad that it kept us from getting to our car sooner so I could go to bed. Thanks Matt for making us go to the fair late so we almost got killed. I'll still get you a cookie cake eventually just because I'm a great friend.

The answer to the last trivia: "This rifle can shoot a flea off a dog's back at five hundred yards, Tannen! And its aimed straight for your head!"

This week's trivia: On average, how long does it take a fingernail or toenail to grow from base to tip?

I think I'm about out of daily fight memories so I'll come up with another less violent one. Since this is kind of sentimental post then I will post about the first time I met Smokey. I was in the fourth grade and had been bugging my parents for a dog of my own for at least two years. They said I could get one for my 10th birthday (which was three months away). And then one day in May when my dad got home, he asked me to come look in the passenger window of the car. I looked down and there was a 2 month old border collie puppy looking up at me with her tail wagging. One night in the middle of a thunderstorm at the camp my dad works at she had come up to the door of a worker's home and barked at the door. Someone must have thrown her out. Since they don't allow dogs down there, my dad decided to take her to see me to see if I wanted her. Of course, I immediately fell in love with her and when I took her out of the car, she was so excited that she peed all over me and the concrete. That night (even though I really didn't want to) my dad made me leave her at home while we went to wednesday night church. On the way to church I decided on a name. Smokey. When we FINALLY got home I called out for her and couldn't find her. I looked everywhere. She was gone. We went around the entire neighborhood door to door and looked all through the woods behind my house but couldn't find her. I didn't sleep that night and I'm pretty sure my dad didn't either. I had to sit through school the entire next day thinking that I would never see my dog again but when I got home my mom told me that she got a call from a woman who thinks she found her. We walked across a busy road behind my house to a small white house and in the yard I saw her. I called out to her and she ran to me, jumped up on me, and licked me all over my face. From that point on, for the next fourteen years, she was my best friend.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anniversary Accomplished, Birthday Imminent

Anybody watch the Olympics last night? I didn't. I'm sick of them, I could handle a few weeks of the meaningless competitions but how much longer is this going to drag on? I just checked, the closing ceremony is on the 24th. Awesome birthday present, the first day without nonstop beach volleyball.

For our Anniversary I got Allison's wedding ring resized and saudered to her engagement ring and I also told her she could pick out a new piece of furniture (which she hasn't done yet). We ate at the new Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was good....... and expensive. When we first got to our table the waiter presented us with either a bottle of sparkling water or a bottle of mineral water. Later we realized that we had to pay for the weird water, six bucks. We were country come to town. Total bill: $145. It was good, but not THAT good.

Yesterday I came home from work to find one of my comic book ripped to shreds on the floor. The night before we came home to find torn up kleenex everywhere. Now that Avery can crawl, she crawls to things that she can tear up. Its like having a puppy. Last night, she was playing with me and grabbed onto my eyelid and pulled it.

My birthday is coming up in four days. I get the day off from work. I'm just going to sit at home and do absolutely nothing all day. I'm excited.

The answer to the last entries trivia is: Lou Caruthers

Todays Trivia: In Back to the Future 3, what did Doc say that his rifle could do before he told Buford it was aimed straight for his head?

Daily (Fight with Michael) Memory: Another altercation that I had with Michael was when I was in the sixth grade. After lunch, when most of the class was in our classroom (except for our incompetent teacher) Michael was walking to his desk and there was a girl in his way. He told her "move" and she said that she wouldn't move if he was going to be mean. So he grabbed her arm and pushed her. I got out of my desk, walked up to him, and pushed him into a tall stack of desks and chairs against the wall that all came crashing down on top of him. They pinned him down so when the teacher finally came in, she had to help him get out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Anniversary Imminent

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of when I first got the ole ball and chain attached to me. I got a pretty big bonus check the other day and I told Allison that she could use it all to buy some furniture or whatever for her anniversary present. I regret saying it now because I keep selfishly thinking of what I could buy with it. Oh well. No telling what shes going to get me, probably nothing (just like last year).

I don't want a dirty diaper for my birthday. Stupid poll.

The other day I was trying to empty all the crud from the vacuum cleaner and I ended up spilling all of the dust and hair on the floor. I shouted "WHAT THE HECK?" Allison was holding Avery next to me and Avery smiled and said "GA BA GA HECK!" I swear thats what she said. It freaked me out. Shes too young to be emulating me. Allison proceeded to get mad and gave me a lecture about watching my mouth around her.

The answer to last weeks trivia: "Emmett Brown Committed" (Good job Prin!)
Bonus trivia answer: "Emmett Brown Commended" (Prin failed.)

This weeks Trivia: What was the name (first and last) of the owner of the diner where Marty first met his younger dad (in 1955)?

Daily (Fight) Memory: In the sixth grade, there was this big kid named Michael that was a jerk to pretty much everybody. Remember, he was a big guy and I was a scrawny, skinny, lanky guy. I had a friend that was physically handicapped and one day in the gym Michael picked on him. After my friend told him to stop, Michael pushed him down. I walked up, got in his face and told him to back off or he'd be sorry. He then pushed me and took off running across the basketball court. I chased after him, caught up to him, and drop kicked him. He fell and made a huge loud echoing thud when he hit the wooden floor. That wasn't enough to teach him a lesson. There are many more Michael stories to tell in the coming posts.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is 8-8-08. That only happens once every bajillion years.

I just got back from lunch with Allison. We went to Mugshots (a hamburger restaurant). She ordered an appetizer for a meal and I ordered the peanut butter burger with crunchy peanut butter. I've always wondered how it was and today I finally got the guts to order it. The first bite was pretty weird tasting but it grew on me by the end. Don't know if I would order it again but it wasn't a terrible experience.

Answer to last post's trivia: Black, Green, Yellow, Red. In that order. Prin was close.

Trivia: In Back to the Future 2. On the newspaper that Doc finds in bad 1985, what does the headline say about him? Bonus: When they change history, what does the newspaper change to say about him?

Daily (Put Matt In His Place) Memory
Well since Matt was so nice in his comment, I guess I should go ahead and tell a little story about the closest I ever got to being in a fight with him. When I roomed with Matt at State, all we had to sit on in front of the TV were these two fold up chairs. Once, someone else (don't remember who) and me were sitting in these chairs. Matt came in and I guess called the dorm phone with his cell phone. He then answered the phone and said it was for me. I got up, grabbed the phone and said hello, there was nobody there. I turned around and saw Matt sitting in my chair. He tricked me. I walked over and calmly told him to get up. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up. I guess since there were other people in our room he wanted to show out so he tried to twist my arm and wrestle me down to the floor. His plan didn't go so well because I reversed his hold on me and twisted his arm until he finally said "All Right! All Right!" Then the guys in our room started laughing and one of them said "Ha Ha! I bet thats how it always happens, Matt starts something and Robert finishes it." I got my chair back too.